Shimmy's Tech News - 20/05/2022

Hello! I've finally made it! The tech newsletter is live now!


Here are a 15 news and interesting links I've found for you for this week

1. Is Parallel Programming Hard, And, If So, What Can You Do About It? is sharing the latest e-version of the great (in my opinion) book about parallel programming. There's also an option to just download it for free and print it yourself called a "dead-tree copy", they're even providing front and back covers in case you would like to make it pretty!


2. How I found (and fixed) a vulnerability in Python

Author describes how he followed on the web cache poisoning research and ended up with fixing a vulnerability in the urlparse module of Python 3.9.


3. Kubernates for front-end developers

If you're wondering why would a front-end developer use Kubernetes, this article is for you.


4. Reasonable Colors

A really simple to use open-source color system for building accessible, and nice looking color palettes. 


5. Humble-Python-Bundle

A nice set of 18 books from €27.73, but the pricess for smaller bundles starting from €1. There's a lot of interesting lectures about the different fields of python usage. (Contains also the Automate the Boring Stuff which I can personally recommend for beginners)


6. Deskreen - Change any device with a web browser into additional screen

Super-useful tool, especially if like me, you don't have a space for an external screen but have a tablet, smartphone or even an old laptop.


7. Build your own X

A GitHub page with a list of things you can build using different programming languages, some of them are really interesting. A great source of interesting ideas for projects.



Rebekah Carter breaks into prime factors the web design industry. Is it that simple as you think in 2022?


9. 1000+ Web development resources

From hosting services and podcasts to optimization tools and remote jobs. Pretty usefull for actually  every web dev.


10. linux-insides book

A book-in-progress about the linux kernel and its insides.


11. Is PHP dead in 2022?

Each year we could hear that PHP is dying due to increasing popularity of different backend solutions like Node.js, Python or Go. Author is sharing his thoughts on this topic.


12. PwnKit - an exploit that was hidden in the most of the Linux distros

YouTube video with elaboration on the vulnerability, how it was discovered and how it was working.


13. Learn Go with Tests

If you're planning or you're in the middle of learning Go, this GitBook may be for you. Available in english and translated into 5 different languages.


14. Canonical is recruiting devs for "Ubuntu Gaming Team".

Linux gaming experience is getting better and better each month. However, the Ubuntu is the most popular of the linux gaming distros. Does the canonical wants to drag gamers into their system?


15. Autonomous cars hits third of cyclist and all oncoming cars in tests

Autopilot or driving assitance feature in cars are nice-to-have but are they safe? AAA (American Automobile Association) had a look on a few popular models, check what are the results of the tests.



And that would be it for this week. I hope you had some fun with reading these news, leave a comment or send me a message here or via linkedin if you like.

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